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Cinematography Copyright (INR 7,999 /-)

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    Cinematography Copyright

    Cinematography Copyright
    INR 7,999 /-

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    Cinematography Copyright

    Audio visual production of moving objects is termed as a cinematographic film. While there are a lot of people associated in the making of a cinematographic film, it is the producer of the cinema who has the copyright over it

     Copyright ensures following rights to the producer of the film

    • To make a copy, photograph or produce it in parts.
    • To sell or resell it, to give it on hire
    • It also makes sure that the producer is the only one who has a right over taking the film to the public. However, the sound recording in the movie are not covered by the copyright of the movie.
    • Also the artistes the movie are not protected by the copyright of the film. 

    Moving on, we must remember that a cinematograph film can only be an adaptation of a particular literary work provided the copyright holder of the work has given his consent. In case, the film is being shown at a public event without the consent of the copyright holder of the work on which it is based upon, the movie can be taken off.

    Here’s another clause pertinent to music and cinematography. Certain law states that once a music creator has decided to share his copyright and given consent for his music to be used in the movie, the producer of the cinema acquires the right to use his music for his film and the music composer cannot bar him from screening the movie. On the other hand, even the producer does not become the sole owner of the music work and the composer can continue to benefit from its public performance of his work. 

    Talking about censorship and its effects on copyright- There’s no such law which states that the producer will not be protected by the copyright if he fails to abide by the censorship guidelines.