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Logo Copyright For Goods (INR 4,999 /-)

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    Logo Copyright For Goods

    Logo Copyright For Goods
    INR 4,999 /-

    Logo Copyright For Goods in just 3 Days

    Logo Copyright For Goods

    Logos are an integral part of marketing, pictorial or graphical representation of a company to which people relate to. Thus it becomes imperative to have a unique logo to distinguish the brand from competition and make a name for it. When it comes to logos, there is certainly a degree of ambiguity over their protection. Are they protected in the name of copyright or by trademark? In most cases, the business houses flex both the arms to safeguard their logos. Copyright act clearly states that it only protects unique and creative works. In case of logos, at least one of these is missing. What makes things worse for brands at times is that names and colours are not protected by copyright. Only those logos which are very artistic are considered to be protected by copyright. Logos which are good enough qualify to be protected by both trademark and copyright. It ensures that competitors cannot use it to confuse the customer and also it cannot be copied in one form or the other.