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Insure the Dreams of you and your Family with LAP

Personal loans are a risk, but they can be rewarding too if you opt for loan against property
With Loan against property, all you need to do is mort6rage something of value and get the best loans with the best interest prices.

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    Loan Against Property in India

    Loan against property is a version of personal loan. This variant of personal loan is easy to access, has a reasonable interest rate. However, in order to get LAP (Loan against property), you need to put forward your property as collateral. Once you do that, the bank or the NBFC will provide you with 60-70% of the current market value of that property s loan. 

    Putting your property as collateral doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to use it however, you will have to be good on your promise of repayment after a certain period of time. Otherwise, the bank is fully in their rights to take that property from you. There is no need to worry if you are good on your promise and the collateral will be removed after your complete repayment.

    You would think that the case of collateral behind these loans might make people apprehensive about getting this type of loan. However, it is considered to be one of the most favoured forms of loan in India. It is favourable in this nation for the following reasons: 

    1. It can be applied for child’s marriage. 
    2. For expanding a business
    3. For funding medical treatments
    4. For funding higher studies. 
    5. For vacation purposes.