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Personal Loan Starting

Don’t be dismayed by low finances
If you want to renovate your house, or plan a big wedding, go on a vacation or just want to pay some old debts, then personal loan is meant for you. Just get in touch with Marginwala and realize your needs.

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    Personal Loan in India

    There are times that you would need a short term loan to take care of sudden expenses. When that happens, there are many choices of loan that you can choose from. The best choice would be to go for personal loan. Why?

    It is because personal loan is a short term loan that required no collateral i.e. any security from your end.

    The “no security” nature of such loans makes this type of finance as the most lucrative one.   To that end, if you come across any sudden or planner expenses such as vacations, medical expenses, restructuring debts, etc. this type of finance is the best one to go for.

    However, you have to take into account the short-term nature of this loan. Whereas mortgage loans give you about 15 to 30 years of payback time, the personal loan only gives you 1 to 5 years.

    Benefits of personal Loan

    This type of finance comes with an added benefit that you can use it for virtually any purpose (if the purpose is legal that is). Some of the reasons for opting for this type of finance are as follows:

    1. If you want to renovate your house.  
    2. If there is a sudden wedding expense or any other extravagant party.
    3. If you want to buy a new and expensive electronic gadget, say like an iPhones.
    4. If you want to go on a vacation with your loved ones.
    5. If you have to balance your previous debts.
    6.  If you want to finance some marketing endeavours.

    Furthermore, personal loans are preferred because:

    1. They are easy to get access to
    2. The documents required are minimal.

    These factors have contributed to make this loan the most popular one in India. Therefore, most popular banks and NBFC in India avail this type of loan to the masses.