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Get better Auditing with ISO 19011

At just INR 3500/-, you can get access to a better way of auditing with ISO 19011 standard

ISO 19011 sets for the guidelines to audit the management system of the company. This standard is important if you want to make sure that your company is managed in the right way, for only the right way can lead you to success.

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    ISO 19011 Standards

    • Application drafting
    • Drafting of policy standards
    • Certificate issue
    ISO 19011
    INR 3,500 /-
    Guidelines for auditing management
    ISO 19011 Certification in just 7 Days

    ISO 19011:2018

    ISO 19011 is standard that sets for the rules and regulations associated with auditing the management system of the company. Through this standard, you will have access to better management through the following measures:

    1. Understanding the objectives that your company wants to achieve
    2. Make arrangements for auditing
    3. Delegate roles and responsibilities within  a company
    4. Defining the scope, the location and the duration of the audits.
    5. Reviewing the internal records.
    6. Establishing the right procedures for the review.
    7. Assessing the trends
    8. Communicating the findings of the assessment of the management systems.
    9. Report preparation
    10. How the reports can be used properly to make further decisions.

    The purpose of the ISO 19011 is to provide the right approach towards auditing the management system.

    If you want to know about this standard and start training with the auditing process, get in touch with Marginwala and we can provide you all that you need.