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Rent/Lease Agreement

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    Rent/Lease Agreement


    This Rent Agreement is made and executed at Delhi, on the 22nd March 2016 ,


    MrA S/o Mr. BB R/o House No. 134 New Delhi -110085 (hereinafter called the FIRST PARTY/OWNER).


    MrC S/O DD R/O 134, ABC New Delhi -110085 (hereinafter the SECOND PARTY/TENANT)

    WHEREAS the first party has agreed to let out the property Address House No. 134 New Delhi -110085. (Hereinafter called the said TENANTED PREMISES) to the second party for a monthly rent of Rs.6000 on the following terms and conditions of this rent agreement as under:-

    1. That the rent of the said tenanted premises has been fixed between both the parties is Rs. 6000 (Rupees Six Thousand Only) per month.
    2. That the tenancy period of the said tenanted premises has also fixed between both the parties for a period of eleven months i.e. 22/03/2016.
    3. That the second party shall use the said tenanted premises for commercial purpose only.
    4. That the second party shall not make any addition or alteration in the said tenanted premises.
    5. That the water and electricity charges etc will be paid and borne by the second party to the concerned authority and to hand over the original receipt to the first party.
    6. That all major repairs to the tenanted premises will be carried out by the owner at his own cost, however, all minor repairs will be got done by the second party at his own cost.
    7. That the second party will be liable to pay for any breakage, damage in fittings and fixtures during the period of his stay.
    8. That after the expiry of tenancy periodthe second party will hand over the vacant possession of the said tenanted premises to the first party.
    9. That the second party shall allow the first party or his/her agent at convenient time during the day to enter into the said property to inspect the condition or to get all defects repaired.
    10. That the second party shall abide by the rule and regulations by laws with the government authorities for fire, lightning, riot, etc.
    11. That if the second party wants to vacate the said tenanted premises before the expiry of tenancy period, the second party can do by giving one month notice and/or one month rent in lieu thereof to the first party. The first party can get the same vacated before the expiry of tenancy period by giving one month notice to the second party.
    12. That the time during the terms and conditions of the premises to keep and maintain clean, neat, tidy and healthy in all the seasons.
    13. That the second party shall not sublet the said tenanted premises to any other person with the rent or without rent and the second party is also not permitted to part with any portion of the rented premises to anyone else by way of partnership etc.
    14. That the first party will not be liable for any dues of any kinds pertaining to any facility availed by the second party from the govt. semi-govt., financial institution, credit cards, personal loan, etc. pertaining to tenanted premises during the period of tenancy.
    15. That on the expiry of the tenancy or on its earlier determination the second party shall hand over the vacate and peaceful possession of the said tenanted property hereby demised in as good as conditions to the first party as the first party has handed over to the second party at the time of commencement of tenancy.
    16. That in case of non-payment of rent or on breach of any conditions mentioned herein above the first party can get the above said tenanted premises vacated from the second party before the expiry of tenancy.
    17. That the second party shall not create any type of nuisance, illegal activities in the said property or any part thereof or in properties nearby.

    IN WITNESSES WHEREOF this Rent agreement is made at [Delhi], on the day, month & year first written above in the presence of the following witness.


     First Party/Owner
     Second Party/Tenant