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Are You Late In Your Payment To MSME?

In case you are, at just INR 1,999/-, we can help you file half yearly return in form MSME-1.

In the event that your company is yet to pay for the services/goods taken from MSME, you need to file a half yearly return in MCA Form MSME-1 before the due date. Therefore, you should hurry.

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    File Form MSME-1

    Form MSME-1
    INR 1,999 /-

    MCA Form MSME-1

    If your company has yet to pay for the goods and services taken from MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise) and it has been 45 days since you accepted the goods/services from them, then you need to file a half-yearly return through the MCA form MSME-1. It shall detail the following:

    1. The amount of payment due.
    2. The reason for the delay.

    To put it in simpler terms:-

    Every company which has received services or goods from MSMEs and payment for those services haven’t been made 45 days after receiving them has to file MCA form MSME-1.

    Now that this form is mandatory, you don’t need to get panicky on how to file this Form. Contact Marginwala and our team of experts shall assist you in filing form MSME-1.

    Note – The applicability of form MSME-1 is for all types of business entities registered with the MCA including Oner Person Company, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, and others. If you are one of those companies that have yet to pay for the goods and services, you should contact our experts.