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Take Your First Business Step Through Start-up

Startup company Registration starts from Rs.6999

Startup India has brought us into the era of possibilities of growth. Be the entrepreneur of tomorrow with startup registration. Marginwala is here to provide you with everything that you need to start a startup.

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    Startup Registration

    INR 6,999 /- Exclusive of GST, No hidden Charges

    Free Company Name SearchName Reservation
    Free ConsultancyCertificate of Incorporation
    2 DSC, PAN & TANCopy of MOA & AOA
    DIN of 2 DirectorsShare Certificates

    * Stamp duty Extra for States: Punjab, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim

    * Charges extra for NRI/Foreign Directors

    Startup Registration Company
    INR 6,999 /-

    No Govt. Fees

    Company Registration in just 10-12 Days

    Startup Registration in India

    We have come so far in terms of the sheer number of entrepreneurs that we don’t remember much before the introduction of startup India. Through the emergence of start-ups, there are opportunities of revenue and growth in multiple sectors. Right now, startup registration in India has paved the way for more innovation, more revenue and more hope for the future.

    When you start a company that is just a budding venture, it is referred to as a startup. When you start a company in India, you take your first steps towards the world of business. A start-up doesn’t have access to a lot of finance. However, it has all the necessary ingredients of a recipe that can create a successful business:

    1. Dedication
    2. Innovation
    3. Courage

    And based on these three factors, it can grow. However, the government has noted the potential of such budding companies. Therefore, you can now register a startup in India under the many schemes of the government.

    Why you should register a startup in India?

    If you wish to register a startup, India provides several options and benefits. The startup benefits are as follows:

    1. The startup registration process is quite intuitive and simple.
    2. Once a company acquire start-up registration, the fees of certain IPR registration like patent registration and trademark registration are less.
    3. Government funds are readily available for company that have been registered as startup.
    4. After a startup is registered for the first three years, they are exempted to pay any income taxes.
    5. If you want to close a startup, the process is pretty simple as well.

    These benefits are a sure way to get that initial push you need to grow your business. Therefore, moving your company through startup India registration is the best idea for your company.

    Do you want your company to be the part of Startup India initiative? Registrationwala can provide you a way to register your startup easily and in a cost-effective manner. While there are no governmental of registering a startup, there are professional costs. However, we assure you that our startup registration cost affordable.

    Therefore, it is time that you stop delaying your dreams and start realizing them.