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Logo Design (INR 2,000 /-)

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    Logo Design

    Logo or Brand Image Designing
    INR 2,000 /-
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    What is Logo or Brand Image?

    A logo is a type of a design that is generally used by company or person and placed on its products or printed material related to its services.  The logo may be a design by itself, a design with letters or words, or a design consisting simply of stylized words or letters. In contrast, some designs consist solely of letters or words without any art or plan, but these would not be considered logos. A logo usually depicts the company’s product or service that is produced to make the consumer visually associate with it.

    To define “brand”, it is a vital part of your identity. It defines whom you are and what your nature or business encapsulates. Hence, a brand is not just a logo, image or sticker; it is what you do and how you do it. Whereas, a name, logo, tag line, sticker, image, etc., that may create a buzz for your entity will make the viewers and listeners identify with your brand, making the name or image of the brand its at most important identity. As Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, says, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

    An image of the brand will not only encompass the business but also suggest its identity. For example, L’Oréal as a name and its logo, can make you guess the quality, range and price of its products. Thus, creating an image for your business is the most important aspect of marketing your product or service.

    Why Logo Designing or Brand Image?

    Whether you are a student, an employer or even prospective employee, your name is the first to go under the scanner of any identity proof. Hence, with the immense influence of social media, a brand name or image or a logo design must not only be kept mindfully but must also manage the reputation it intends to build and sustain both online and offline.

    A logo is a brand or face of the company itself and is associated with the viewing point of the consumer; thus it is important that you design your logo accordingly.

    It is important to consider a few points while designing a good logo. A logo should be elegant, precise and easy to remember by the consumers. A good logo design must be unique and not be copied from any other logos existing in the market or its field of use. It should not conflict with any of the community or religious name. A good logo should not consist of any of the promotional or adultery word.

    Logo designing must encompass the vision, mission and goals of a company. It could be a short form of the name of the company or tag line of the company artistically designed. A logo appears everywhere on the products and printed material of the services of a company. It appears on collateral assets such as company stationaries, files, business cards, advertisements, etc. This logo creates an image in the customers’ mind, which sustains as the brand image of the company. As the customers grow to like the product and/or services of a company, they are more likely to associate with the logo of the company as its brand image.

    A well-designed logo not only steers the company to its potential clients and vice versa but also it can help save the company from future marketing expenses and give an edge to its competitors.